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The government has already taken steps to make evidence-based, informed decisions for well-managed urban growth, and this report aims to contribute to those efforts.

Leveraging Urbanization in South Asia (2015) Urbanization provides South Asian countries with the potential to transform their economies to join the ranks of richer nations in both prosperity and livability, but a new World Bank report finds the region, while making strides, has struggled to make the most of the opportunity.

India: urbanization Beyond Municipal Boundaries (2013) This review looks at the pace and patterns of India's urbanization, providing a 100-year perspective on demographic shifts and a 20-year perspective on the spatial distribution of jobs across India's portfolio.

(Updated: October 2016) The growth of cities is driven largely by the economic prosperity that they help create.

But today cities are growing at unprecedented and challenging speeds.

Rise of the Anatolian Tigers: Turkey Urbanization Review (2015) Distinguishing Turkey from many other developing countries has been the pace, scale, and geographical diversity of its spatial and economic transformation.

Fast-growing secondary cities bring added challenges that define Turkey’s second-generation urban agenda.

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