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A chargeback at one of his restaurants is "very rare," he said; no more than eight or so a year.

When it does happen, it's often for one of two reasons.

"So I went to his house and said, 'You're messing with the wrong dude.'" The customer paid.

"The college kids on spring break, they'll go to those nice poshy nightclubs, buy multiple bottles of that really expensive champagne, the Cristal stuff, and drink it all up," he said.The jeweler can put the charge through anyway, and the credit card company -- be it Visa, Master Card, American Express -- will add the charge to your bill, Kleinman said.But if you later decide to dispute that charge, you're in a good position to fight it, he said.Where Lee used to really have a problem with chargebacks was at his other business, a food delivery service called LAbite.Customers order their meals over the Internet, and because their card isn't physically swiped, it's easier to successfully claim fraud.

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