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Her head was throbbing and she found herself rubbing her temples as she tried to shake off the grogginess.When she stood up off the floor she was immediately hit by a wave of dizziness and she grabbed onto a nearby couch to steady herself.And it appeared she wasn’t the only one getting up.She heard a sound of someone moaning and she turned around to find someone hanging over the arms of a chair.She was sticky and had grime from exertion all over her.She badly needed a shower but she needed to figure out first what had happened.

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This is fictional and is not meant to reflect any claims of truthfulness about any of the people involved. So anyone under the age of 18 please click back now. As always thank you to Kay Jay for unflagging support and for 313 for being such a cheerleader for this series.

The woman was totally naked and her feet were on the floor as the rest of her body was slung over the chair, her ass sticking out. ” Jennifer Aniston asked with the same confused look on her face that Sarah knew was on hers. “I can’t remember a thing.” “I can’t either and…oh God, we’re naked,” Jennifer said as things started to dawn on her. Naked bodies were strewn everywhere in positions that suggested nothing but lascivious activity had occurred and that people had been in the middle of it when they had finally passed out. She couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow she was responsible for this. “I think I ruined Christmas.” And the same feeling struck Sarah as well.

Sarah would have recognized that ass and those legs anywhere and she immediately went over to help up her friend. “Tell me something I don’t know,” Sarah sighed while helping Jennifer up. Aside from the mansion’s Christmas tree, which still stood proudly strong and tall in the room, the place looked like a sex bomb had gone off and Jennifer and Sarah shared a sense of horror over it. There was a nagging feeling of guilt in her that somehow she had played a hand in the chaos that was now their home. And then another thought struck them both and, as they turned and faced each other, it both jumped out of their mouths.

She never slept on the floor and even if she did she certainly wouldn’t have done it in the middle of the house.

“What the…” Sarah began to ask and before she could even get the words out of her mouth she had to stop.

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