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Super Pimp Soft is unwilling to do this: the attachment decoder is seamlessly integrated into Pan and cannot be removed.

It's in defense of the right to innovate on behalf of consumers that Super Pimp Soft has made the painful decision to endure a lawsuit.

On this page we have listed the top 5 USENET newsgroup newsreaders followed a list of all USENET newsgroup newsreaders that are to be found currently.

In addition to USENET newsreader software you will need a USENET provider ( See our Top 5 Recommended USENET Providers for 2017 ) and some place to find content most easily done via an NZB site (recommended) or USENET Search Engine.

Super Pimp Soft reported that the income would be used ``to buy lunch at Taco Bell while we talk about our next startup.'' March 21, 2000 - Super Pimp Soft Joins Amazon Boycott Following the GNU boycott of Amazon and Tim O'Reilly's open letter to Amazon, Super Pimp Soft has decided to remove its two books -- Happy Newsreading with Pan 0.7.2 by James "Kibo" Parry, and Warez, pr0n, and mp3 Leeching Secrets of the Pan Elite by Stan Kelly-Bootle -- from Amazon's shelves.

Super Pimp Soft is in negotiations with other resellers for distribution rights.

In 0.8.1 beta 3 the Message-Id for new posts was being generated incorrectly in some circumstances, causing the news server to reject the post with a 441 error message Thanks to Adam Wendt for reporting this bug.

After the Pan team stopped laughing, the Andover lawyers had to explain why we liked the idea so much. Themes have been one of the most asked-for features in Pan, so many of you already understand how welcome this is.

So we did okay.'' said Evening Shift Quality Control Supervisor Builds Shippit.

Now that Super Pimp Soft has no cards left to play, though, the pressure is on to release the currently-vaporware Pan Executive Edition 2000 before the current funding runs out on April 26th.

The rest of you may perk up in interest when you learn that this patch was done by none other than the godfathers of Linux theming: Propaganda's Bowie J. We're not ready to release this yet because we're working out some memory leak issues with the patch.

So to whet your appetite, here's a screenshot of the default theme that will ship with the next version of Pan.

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