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We used to have moderators and administrators to monitor the chat room and users speech.

If you break our chat rules while you chatting in our room you will be booted or banned out of the room instantly by one of the room moderator or admin.

The trio of Lebanese heritage were chosen to "increase the show's diversity" by "adding a Middle-East flavour" to the Logie award-winning series.

Watching TV in the 1970s, 80s and 90s highlighted what I already understood from the school playground: "Lebs", or "wogs" more generally, were too different and too dark in appearance to be "real" Australians. Our "foreign" food and cultural rituals were made stranger by their invisibility outside of our domestic sphere.

Just start with hi or hello, and they keep chatting with the co chatter that whom do you want to converse.

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The win created a mood of hopefulness which may encourage future talent from non-Anglo backgrounds to try their luck in the Australian entertainment industry.

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Once the chat loading if over, you will be automatically taken into our one of the chat room under guest nick name.

They, like the other contestants, represent "ordinary" Australians.

This change is possibly in part thanks to Waleed Aly's 2016 Gold Logie win: a rare occasion to witness a good news story about an Australian with Middle-Eastern heritage (and appearance).

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