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Observing David's engagement in these activities raised questions about the practices of using information to create and share media.

How do teens use information to learn, participate and produce in digital media communities?

Information experiences were holistic, encompassing information items, but also emotions and cognitive constructions of teens' life worlds.

In this paper we expand on the previous work by introducing the experiences of information and describing how the experiences of information and actions intersect in information practice.

The synergistic elements of information practices and digital literacy research indicates that information practice is the appropriate framework for understanding how teens use, create and share information in online spaces.

This research began with a broad research question: how do teens use and create information in digital content sharing communities?

We understand information to be subjective and transformative, and teens experienced information through constructing their understanding of information (Harlan, 2014).

He has organized a student film festival with little guidance or support from his school.

And he has done this with minimal formal instruction in video production or project management.

The members of the community engaged in accessing, distributing, negotiating and understanding the information of the community as a component of their joint enterprise.

While the communities were diverse in age, our focus was on the practices of teens.

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