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The admin needs to set the previlages accordingly as per the needs. 123Flash Chat : A set of preferences which are used to manage the 123Flash chat options.The admin can set the spam filter settings and approve or delete those messages which are automatically marked as spam.The messages can be scheduled as per the specific time which can be set by the admin so that the admin need not be present in order to send the messages.Templates can be added so that each time the admin need not draft the message.There is an option to select a predefined template as well and one can save the message as a new template too.Send Message : Sends the message to the external or the internal mail box.

(Checkbox for each entry except for the Default profile status after registration which has a drop down listbox with Active and On Hold as the entires). SEO/Tracking The SEO/Tracking can edit and enable Google Analytics and additional meta-tags by this way making sure to find and rank site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. Splash Screen Splash Screen settings enables the admin to edit the splash screen according to the users wish and thus by that way making the entry to the website attracting and safe.The admin can add various administrators in order to manage the site in his/her absence This settings tab shows the existing administrators which can be deleted and the admin can also add new administrators. The admin manages the add-ons of the site so that he/she can provide his users what is necessary. Face Juggle : Face Juggle is one such addon which automatically crops member photos on dating sites to headshots of a given size.Affiliates List : This is a report or a list of all the affiliates of the site. It is a real value-added service for online dating and personal ads sites.The admin can edit the language and text for each fields present on the site, serach for the specific values or keys easily by the search bar and then make changes, add new languages and can set the texts for each field corresponding to the language that has been added and can also generate language dump file and save a copy of the dump file so that it could be uploaded in the futer in case of any issues and can also import languages making it easier for adding a new language The various fields in the site starting from the login button in the login page to the logout button can be moved removed and edited according the specified use and the wish of the admin.The admin can add pages, specified fields, sections according to his/her wish.

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