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With My Server app, users can securely access network resources using their network credentials.They are able to access resources from a wide range of Internet-connected devices.Files are not accessible after a network user steps outside the office.As a result, network users are saving company data on their mobile devices or sending it through email.For more information about Storage Spaces, see the Storage Spaces Overview and Storage Spaces Frequently Asked Questions.Store your organization’s files and folders in the server folders that you create on your server.This guide explains how you can enable users to easily and securely access company data through a variety of Internet-connected devices from any location.This guide describes a prescriptive, tested design and implementation solution that can help you provide secure remote access to your network users, by centralizing data storage, configuring your network for remote access, and restricting data access permissions.

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The users do not have consistent access to company resources onsite and offsite.The following table lists the technologies that are included in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials and Windows Server Essentials Experience that are part of this solution design, and it describes the reason for the design choice.Use the Dashboard to perform all administrative tasks in your network, such as creating user accounts, granting access permissions, creating storages spaces and server folders, and setting up an Internet domain name.The Windows Server Essentials Dashboard in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials and Windows Server Essentials Experience helps you quickly access key information and the management features of your server instead of using multiple native Windows Server Administration tools.For example, by using the Dashboard, you can create and manage user accounts and manage data in server folders.

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