Shinae dating

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Shin-Ae was already out of it and looking anxiously at the street. “Shin-Ae-ssi, wait a moment, please,” he asked, while he went to the back of the car.

First talking about panda moans and then sending a whole restaurant's staff home? ” “I wanted to be alone.” , Shin-Ae, she thought, looking at her surroundings.

“We better don't tell about this to Yeong-Gi or else he won't be your friend anymore.” “Sh-sh-shut up!

” Shin-Ae was still savouring it, but something on the smug face in front of her made her choose to do something stupid. When she released him he could see in her eyes how she was processing what just happened. Licking rest of chocolate from his lips, he smiled.

Luckily for him, she was so stunned by his actions and words that she couldn't react fast enough.

When it stopped on the lobby's floor he looked at Meg. “Have a nice day,” he added and pressed the button to close the doors.

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