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The role of Ontario college faculty has evolved considerably since the turn of the century, especially in the area of research activities.

While college professors used to be hired for their content expertise, and solely to teach students, they are now often hired as much for their advanced academic degrees, and their ability to conduct what is usually referred to as applied research.

We welcome feedback from the participants about the model and how can we improve it.

In 2011, UBC introduced the rank of Professor of Teaching as the highest point on the teaching stream career pathway, with equivalent status to full Professor in the research stream.

This initiative was designed to provide opportunities for librarians and educational developers to collaborate and innovate, with the goal of improving both librarians' pedagogical understanding and skills, to address pedagogical challenges and to integrate the work of librarians and the work of educational developers across all three campuses.

Fostering students’ capacity to integrate their learning is one of the main goals of higher education, and is often one of the greatest challenges (Huber and Hutchings, 2004).

How can we help instructors provide opportunities in the classroom to facilitate integrative learning?

An undergraduate's university experience is often fragmented, with courses, service opportunities, and extra-curricular activities seemingly unconnected to one another.

Integrative learning transcends academic boundaries, and encourages students to address real-world problems, to synthesize multiple areas of knowledge, and to consider issues from a variety of perspectives.

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