Updating microsoft office 2016

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That’s especially true if you plan to use the suite on multiple devices.Microsoft is far along enough on this journey that Office 2016 not being an old-style blockbuster upgrade isn’t worrisome.Still, for all that’s new, Microsoft is still playing catchup with the collaborative editing features in Google’s browser-based apps, all of which have long offered real-time group editing as a principal feature.Based on the bit of time I had with a prerelease version of Office 2016 provided to me by Microsoft, the real-time editing in Word is nicely done, which makes its absence in the other Office desktop apps all the more striking.For example, Google’s Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides are terrific as browser-based apps, but their i Pad incarnations are still a tad stunted.And though conservative types will only stop buying Office as a stand-alone upgrade when Microsoft takes that option away from them, the prices that the company asks for the Office 365 service–staring at a year for personal use and .25 per user per month for businesses–are not only reasonable, but a deal.But in most respects that matter, the suite has already moved past the age of the major upgrade–and so far, the results are impressive.

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Office started to tiptoe down its current, welcome path several years ago, but if you want to set an official moment when the sea change happened, you’d probably pick March 27, 2014, when Microsoft announced the long-rumored version of the suite for the i Pad.

The Windows desktop version of Word, for instance, now has real-time team editing, letting multiple people work on a document at the same time with all changes instantly visible to everybody.

Using Skype for Business (formerly Lync), you can initiate chat sessions, audio calls, and video calls with colleagues within Office apps.

(Strangely, real-time editing The collaboration available in the new desktop versions of Excel and Power Point lets multiple people work on files at the same time.

They can’t see what everyone else is doing, but each time someone saves a document to the cloud, the app merges changes.

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