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By respecting Magento best practice and making all customizations in a child theme, Pearl Theme will always be update proof and you will not have any risk of loosing your changes. Important : In case you have translation files, make sure you copy them in the right location after the update is complete. Important : If you are using Pearl Theme on multiple store views, make sure to follow this article before the upgrade, as Pearl Theme functionality on store view level has been improved starting with release 1.5.5 October 20, 2107: How to use Pearl Theme on multiple store views. If you have a single store view, you can ignore this instruction. Go to your account on download the latest Pearl Theme Pack from Downlodable Products section of your account.Note: If you purchased the Pearl Theme from Magento Marketplace please refer to on how to download the files.Make sure you have the latest release in your marketplace account before upgrading, from experience Magento Marketplace requires 1-2 months before approving a new version due to a rigorous process of 4 step review system.We would like our updates to reach our clients ASAP but unfortunately we cannot control how fast Magento Marketplace process our product submission.This is possible via a smart and simple hook mechanism that integrates the package content within the Pearl ecosystem.The main advantages on using Pearl are: Check out the OPH (Official Pearl Hub) for more packages you might be interested.

Please provide Magento Marketplace Name, Order Number and Purchase Date and your account email.Some parts of the theme may be refactored and some of the files are not needed anymore and could generate errors. Remove all Theme Files (all files and folders) under 'html/app/design/frontend/Pearl/weltpixel' b.Remove dependencies (all files and folders) included with Pearl Theme under '/html/app/code/Welt Pixel/' Note: You may use other extensions provided by Welt Pixel that are not part of the theme, no need to remove them as they are not part of the theme upgrade.This article HERE explains how you can check Version of Pearl Theme in your Magento Marketplace account.How can you get the latest release now if I purchased via Magento Marketplace?

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