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It's fun to think about, and to watch, but don't try this at home.On the other hand, while we read these stories, we are living our real lives, and those lives are sometimes impacted by the stories we read.Passion generally overcomes the reluctance, leading to a happy ending.I actually never know whether a story will be a "Blues" story until it's done. Twisted Fairy Tales, Naughty Nursery Rhymes, and Erotic Fables: Usually based on traditional tales, I have updated them for adults, to add in those parts that traditional story-tellers couldn't tell.Actually, I still that guy, but that name gave people fits, so I changed it. Lubrican is an archaic spelling of the word "Leprechaun".And, if you write to me about a story, I'll write back and sign my name Bob. Back when it was written "Lubrican" it referred to a sprite who was hard to see and hard to catch, and who excited the lusts of the unwary.

There are feedback boxes at the end of every piece of my work, which make it simple to send me a note. Please check the email address you want me to reply to carefully. It happens all the time, and it's really frustrating for both of us.It was authored when I still used the old pen name, but the point of the story is still valid, so I didn't change it. Summary : Imagine a group of women who get together to read dirty stories, about situations they'd never do in real life. Now imagine it was YOU they wanted to do them with. Each category is featured in the menu to the left with an expandable/collapsible menu of stories within the category.Clicking on the category name itself will take you to listings that include summaries and story codes.She’s got that spectacular ass and those nice big tits going on in full effect as she flashes in her little skirt and pulls up her top, obviously just having a blast as she plays around and lets that winning personality out for awhile.My original pen name was "Beating Off Bob" and a lot of the stories posted at this site were posted under that pen name in the past.

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