Womens fashions victorian america dating photographs

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Not all of the modern clichés we apply to English womanhood in the 1800s hold weight.

Below, explore five things Queen Victoria’s female contemporaries didn’t do as often as you might think.

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This process included receiving and preparing the client for the portrait, preparing the photographic plate for exposure, setting up the camera and the client for the shot, exposing the plate in the camera, developing the plate, and finishing it for the client (which could involve applying color to it by hand, placing it in a brass mat and a case made of wood and paper or sometimes an early version of plastic called thermoplastic).Marrying your first cousin was perfectly acceptable in the early 1800s, and the practice certainly offered some benefits: Wealth and property were more likely to remain in the same hands, and it was easier for young women to meet and be courted by bachelors within the family circle.Later in the 19th century, though, marriage between cousins became less common.Finally, we call them “makers” because a great many early photographers in the United States considered themselves to be artisans and businesspeople rather than artists.The vast majority of early photographers learned the process not to produce art, but rather to make a living by taking portraits.

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